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10 Best Android Wear Mobile Phone Watch & It's Applications..

This smart watch makes you life simple by providing the most essential functions of your phone within easy reach. Using this device, you can control important functions of your smartphone, read text messages, and even answer and make calls. All this without even having to remove your phone from your pocket.

Why Need Wrist Phone...
Especially if you forget your smartphone, being able to make a call from your watch in an emergency could be handy.
Unfortunately, as with many other new categories of devices, there is still a lot of refinement that is needed on the Gear S.
Especially given you need a smartphone to set this device up, this unfortunately isn’t a watch that can replace your smartphone.
If you’re a devoted gadget junkie or early adopter who doesn’t mind using a smartphone crammed into a watch, you might get a kick out of making a call on your wrist.
But otherwise, you’re probably better off either waiting for the Apple Watch or looking at one of the Android Gear devices currently on the market – even if you do need to tether them to a smartphone.

Simplified Calling

Whenever someone calls you on your phone, you'll know it by looking at your wrist. You'll never miss another important call just because you could not hear your smartphone ringing.

Smart Relay

When you receive a message notification on this smart watch, you can simply pick up your Note 3 to read the full message, which will be displayed automatically.

Voice Memo

When you want to note something down quickly but your hands are too busy to take your smartphone out of your pocket, just speak into your Galaxy Gear and it will create a note which can be read later on.

S Voice

The innovative S Voice Technology enables you to easily interact with your phone using your voice. It accepts voice commands such as Call, Contact, Schedule, Task, Alarm, Clock, Timer, Application, Messages, Weather, and Help.

Quick Snapshots of Your World

You might not have enough time for readying your phone's camera when you come across a perfect moment. In such situations, this smart watch helps you take quick photos or record videos. You can immediately share the snapshots on your social media profiles.

Convenience of Use

This smart watch makes you life simple by providing the most essential functions of your phone within easy reach. Using this device, you can control important functions of your smartphone, read text messages, and even answer and make calls. All this without even having to remove your phone from your pocket.

The Moto 360Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch/G Watch R bring Android to your wrist thanks to Google’s Android Wear. These watches run a dumbed down form of Android, which recently received an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop.
The update brings an advanced API that lets developers do more on the watch. In honor of the update, here’s a list of the 10 best Android Wear Watch Apps that you should install today.
First, our top four smartwatch pics are all really good. It's not unusual for us to switch between them on a fairly regular basis, depending on our mood.
And second is that watches remain a very personal decision. And given that the functionality of Android Wear is mostly consistent across devices — save for the occasional hardware-based feature — you don't necessarily lose any core experience from one watch to the next. If one simply tickles you in that sweet spot, chances are you'll be happier with it in the long run.
But our job is to choose. And choose we have. Following is our list of the best Android Wear smartwatches, updated in late December 2014.

These great apps don’t include watch faces. Instead check our list of the 20 Best Android Wear Watch Faces to make your Android Wear Watch more attractive or useful. These apps bring extra functionality or ease of use to the Android Wear Watch and fun.

Wear Store for Android Wear

Wear Store for Android Wear
Before we jump into the Android Wear Watch Apps, lets start with Wear Store for Android Wear (Free). The app lists Android Wear Watch Apps to make them easier to find. A user can search for Android Wear in the Google Play Store and find apps, but this app does the searching for you and collects them into categories like the Play Store does. Open the app on the phone to see the newest apps or newly updated apps. Then check out apps in categories like Entertainment, Social, Communication and more. They also group apps chosen by the developers in a Dev’s Choice category. There’s also a User’s Choice category that grabs apps based on user reviews making it easier to find the best or most popular Android Wear Watch Apps. The app looks just like the Google Play Store. Tapping on an app shows the Play Store info and links to the app in the store so the user can download it from the Play Store.

Wear App Manager

wear app manager
Once a user installs a bunch of great Android Wear Watch Apps, finding them can get difficult on the phone. A user could create a folder with all their watch apps or use Wear App Manager ($.99). The app organizes all the user’s Wear apps installed on the phone to make the apps easier to find quickly.

Some apps offer Android Wear capabilities, but the user might not know it. For example, my favorite SMS app integrates with Android Wear. Users of Go SMS Pro may not know the app includes Wear functionality. Wear App Manager will help people find out that some of their phone apps also include watch capabilities.
wear app manager app info page
Open Wear App Manager on the phone and it lists all the Wear apps installed on the phone. Tap on an app and it shows a screen that offers information about the app’s size and permissions (see above). It also puts a link to the Google Play Store. The user can uninstall or open the app from Wear App Manager.

Wear Mini Launcher

wear mini launcher
Most Android Wear Watch Apps get launched by the user’s voice, but that’s not always convenient in every situation, like in a meeting, church service or classroom where speaking to the watch distracts others annoying the people nearby. Instead, Wear Mini Launcher (Free) opens Android Wear Watch Apps by swiping from the edge of the Android Wear Watch screen. The launcher shows all the apps on a two-column grid. Tap the app’s icon to launch the app. It’s like a Windows Start Menu on the Android Wear watch screen.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo launched when Android Wear launched and it still offers one of the most interesting uses for an Android Wear watch for something other than notifications, fitness tracking and time management. The app helps users learn a language and integrates with Android Wear. The app developer says, “Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and English…” for free.
The app and the watch app turns learning a language into a game. Get translation questions right and win; get them wrong and lose points. The app pauses and shows progress along the way.

Torque for Bing Voice Assistant

People who like Bing can now get their voice search on their Android Wear Watch thanks to Torque for Bing Voice Assistant (Free), an Android App for the phone that also includes watch integration. Twist the wrist and the app springs to life, ready for a voice command or search. It uses the Cortana-style engine that Windows Phone users love so much. Find out about weather, search the web, look for restaurants nearby or almost anything that one can do with Bing.

Wear Battery Stats

wear battery stats
Many Android Wear Watch Faces integrate a battery indicator, but not all of them do. Wear Battery Stats (Free) will come to the rescue, showing the user their watch’s battery life percentage plus a graph of power usage over the day. Some in-app purchases unlock a few of the features, but it’s usable for free. Use it to see which apps drain the battery the most to help troubleshoot battery issues. Get a notification when the battery level dips below a certain level, or the app can estimate when it will run out.

Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes – Wear

One of the few fun games for Android Wear, Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes – Wear ($.99) brings tower defense to the watch. The app lets the user fight against the orcs and knights while hurling spells at them to defeat them. Control the game on the touch screen of the watch. It’s fun enough to keep playing, it gives the player a short burst of entertainment while waiting in a line or to pick up a family member.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts
The best podcast app on Android or iOS comes from Shifty Jelly, the makers of Pocket Casts ($3.99). It helps users find, subscribe to and pay for video or audio podcasts. When the user pairs an Android Wear Watch to their phone and starts playing a podcast with Pocket Casts, the controls show up on the watch. Pause, skip, rewind or play the video or audio. The phone app syncs with the Shifty Jelly servers to back up the list of subscribed podcasts. This makes it easy to start a podcast on the phone, pause it, then start it again on a tablet or even on the iPhone or iPad version of the app. There’s also an online version for an extra fee.

TetroCrate: Android Wear Game

tetrocrate android wear game
Think Tetris inside a crate where the player drops the shaped tiles down to create lines, instead of them dropping from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. That’s Tetrocrate, and now it’s available asTetrocrate: Android Wear Game (Free). The game’s fun and doesn’t take a long time to play. It’s another great time waster for a few minutes as a break from a busy day.

Calendar for Android Wear

calendar for android wear

Wrist Phone For Troubled Times

Given the volatile situation (political and natural) around most countries, I totally buy the idea of having an emergency phone around my space. Recent incidents of carnages and natural disasters imply that even a simple shopping, holiday or business trip can take an ugly turn instantaneously. This doesn’t mean that we stop traveling; it simply means we arm ourselves better. The Disposable Pre-Paid Phone could be that life-saving device, which could get you out of a sticky situation.
Simple, non pretentious, the phone is a very basic device that is devoid of the fancy stuff. This makes its cheap to manufacture and market. Another point in its favor is the portability factor; you can simply wrap it around your wrist. Leaving the connectivity issues aside, the phone has the potential to make its mark. But that doesn’t mean you don’t take your regular cellphone along!

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