Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mr.Kejriwal's promises will back fire for sure in Delhi !!

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which was heavily criticised for stepping down from office after 49 days in power last year, on Tuesday made an impressive come back in the assembly elections, winning 67 of the total 70 seats in Delhi.
The 46-year-old Mr Kejriwal will take oath as Delhi's Chief Minister at the Ramlila grounds on February 14. It was on February 14 last year that he had resigned after 49 tumultuous days as Delhi chief minister.
Kejriwal has already met Lt Governor Najeeb Jung and staked claim to form the government in Delhi.

Congratulations Mr.Kejriwal,

I Wishing you all success in running the Govt. However kindly include the following in your internal pledge else refrain from making a Govt:

1. I will not resign this time.

2. Electricity rates will be halfed as promised without any riders or conditions apply. 

3. Free water for the limit you had mentioned will be given as promised again without any riders or conditions apply. 

4. Free wifi will given to all Delhiites without any riders or conditions apply (if possible).

5. Your Govt will not say that they cannot provide housing because DDA comes under Central govt and they are not cooperating.

6. Electricity power generation will be increased and failure to do so, will not put the blame on Central Govt.

7. Water connection will be given to house holds especially Dwarka side within 3-4 years. Failure to do so, blame will not be put on neighboring Haryana Govt for not giving water.

8. Roads will be developed as you promised. Though it comes under Central Govt for Delhi, it becomes your responsibility to ensure they do it. No blame games here as well.

9. Please don't blame Central Govt in case they don't agree to subsidize solar equipments.

10. Law and order will improve, especially women security. Failure to do so, please don't offer an excuse that police comes under Central Govt.

11. Please don't offer excuse for everything to demand for statehood of Delhi.

12. As promised you will fetch complete statehood of Delhi even though final decision will be with Central Govt.

13. When you subsidize electricity, it will not lead to power cuts because of natural higher consumption. 

14. Jan Lokpal will be introduced in Delhi since you had officially resigned because of that last time.

15. If you are unable to regularize the unauthorized colonies, do not blame High Court because they seem to be against it.

16. Corruption will end as promised. Action will be taken against everybody, including your own members, if there is slightest of evidence. 

17. Shiela Dixit will be in Jail since you have all the evidence of corruption against her in your 270 page document.

Last but not least, when your demands are not met you will NOT sit on dharna. 

You had promised all this knowing very well that most of them does not come under Delhi Govt jurisdiction. There is no element of surprise and I am sure you had plans when you promised all this.

This is the victory of democracy, When voting completed and Boxes were sealed, someone said to look after the boxes as all of them may not get transferred or changed, but it is impossible anywhere in India. BJP must learn lesson from this and never under estimate any one. Another point is to say here to BJP is, Now Delhi is congress and BJP free. BJP wants India is to be Congress free, So I must say that this is the first step but it must never be Congress and BJP free India. Center must support every state equally and must never indulge in state politics, Hand over Maharashtra to Shivsena, Old Andhra local parties must look after their own state and let all regional parties look after their own state. Center must remain with BJP. Then and then we may have India as we all dream of 21st century.

Once Again I wish AAP is gonna fulfill all these commitment as an earliest. God has given this victory to you. So please do good for the all the people in New Delhi. May God use you all over India incoming days.

All the best!!!

With Warm Regards,

M.Ajmal Khan.

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