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1.Index of Hydro Test?
2.Calibration for Relief valve?
3.Calibration for Manifold?
4.What is the Procedure of Hydro Test?
5.What is the SAES standard for Bolt Torquing?
6.How much the time duration for Gravity Test?
7.What is a Gravity Test?
8.What  are the documents of material receiving for RTR?
10.What is SAES standard for Gravity test?
11.What is  SAES standard for SIS?
12.What is the SATIP for material receiving?
13. What is  SAES standard for RTR piping?
14.What is the SAES for Loading & Unloading of RTR pipes and fittings?
15.What is Punch list?
16.What is NCR?
17.What is the reason of using Ecentric & Concentric flangs?
18.What is the angle of Taper after shaving?
19.What is Non metallic gasket?
20.What is PIV?
21.What is the range of Flange Misalignment,hole to hole,Tilt of flange,Horizontal & Vertical Misalignment?
22.What is the formula for Minimum hydro test pressure?
23.What is the Full range of pressure guage according to SAES?
24.What is RTR?
25.How much curing time for RTR joints?
26.What is the colour of Resin?
27. Requirement for pre start-up leak tests?
28.What is Schedule Q?
29.What is MOS?
30. What is  SAES standard for oily water,sanitary,fire,utility?
31. What is  SAES standard for Plumbing?
32. What is  SAES standard for Construction of plant piping?
33. What is  SAES standard for hydro testing?
34.How much the Bedding layer?
35.How much the minimum Treanch width?
36. What is  SAES standard for Non-metallic piping?
37.How much the overlap of Geotextile?


1 1,  INDEX  HT
·        scope
·        Purpose
·        Check list
·        Test media
·        Procedure
·        Cleaning
·        Record
·        safety.

2.Pressure test relief valve(s) of adequate capacity set to relieve at 5% above the test pressure shall be installed unless the test pressure is less than 85% SMYS at which time it can be set at 10% above the test pressure. Sizing of these relief valves used for testing shall follow the requirements of API RP 520, Part 1. The relief valve(s) shall be tested, dated, and tagged within one week prior to the pressure test for new construction projects, and within one month for maintenance operations.
3. Before employing the pressure testing manifold in the actual system pressure test, it shall be separately pressure tested to at least 1.2 times the system test pressure but not less than the discharge pressure of the pump used for the pressure testing.

4.Identify the maximum test pressure to be used, as determined by standard.
Identify the type of pipe to be tested
Maximum aggregate length of pipe to be tested at one time is 400 feet.
Examine all connections prior to test to ensure proper tightness.
Determine the pressure rating for all connected fitting & devices ensure they are rated for maximum test pressure.
Secure a blind flange or cap suitable for the system rated pressure on all
Plug all test drain & vent ports 
Calibration certificates for Manifold,Pressure guage,Relief valve
Test certificates validity for relief valve 1 week
Test certificates validity for pressure guage 1 month
Fill the water in the system until water out from vent air bubbles should not come after filling with the help of hydraulic pump start pressurize the system 10-15 % of test pressure hold on for 15mins if no leaks again start pressure to 40% hold for 15mins if no leakage 100% pressurize mention start time of pressurized system, maintain the test duration and walk through the system  if no leaks after test duration open the vent and drain for releasing the pressure.

5. Reference:SAES-L-350 PARA: 9.5

6.4 hours.
Ø Reference: SAES-S-020 PARA

7. Gravity oily water drainage systems shall be tested from the catch basin to the first manhole connection and from manhole to manhole, by filling the line to the top of the catch basin, or the upper manhole.

8. • Manufacturer's name or trade name, and identification code
• Pressure/temperature rating
• Nominal diameter
• Cell classification in accordance with manufacturing industry
standards (See item No. A8 in this check list)
• Inspection and hydrotesting mark
• Date and shift of manufacture
• SAMS stock number (if applicable)
• Purchase Order number
• Flange designation code
Ø 01-SAMSS-034 Para 13.1


10. SAES-S-020

11. SAES-A-005

12.SAIC-S-070 Revision:5


14. SAES-S-070 PARA:5.2

15.It is guide line meet the minimum quality standards prior to test.

16.Non conformance report.

17. Eccentric reducer is used at Pump suction to avoid cavitation. To maintain (BOP) in Rack      Concentric reducer pump discharge,vertical pipe line.

18.2-6 inch dia 1 ¾ angle,8-24 inch dia 2 1/2 inch angle 26-40 dia 1 ¾ angle further refer Bondstrand guidelines.
19. A  “Gasket" material is a term used when referring to a gasket material that is easily compressed under a low bolt load. This term has been used to distinguish the difference from a metallic gasket. A soft gasket material can be selected from a large variety of rubbers and compressed non-asbestos sheet products, PTFE, flexible graphite and high temperature sheet.
20.Post indicator valve.
21. a) Vertical bolt hole offset : ± 2.4 mm
b) Horizontal bolt hole offset : ± 2.4 mm
c) Rotational offset : ± 2.4 mm
d) Flange face tilt across diameter: 0.025 mm per 25 mm (0.001 inch per inch) of flange outside diameter up to a maximum of 0.672 mm (0.030 inch), and 0.254mm (0.010 inch) for all flanges with an outside diameter less than 10 inches.
e) Flange face separation, gasket thickness : ± 1.6 mm
f) Combination of vertical, horizontal and rotational offset : ± 3.2
Ø Reference:SAES-L-350 PARA: 9.5

22.1.5 (Design Presure)
23. All gauges shall have a range such that the test pressure is within 30 to 80% of the full range.
Ø Reference:SAES-A-004 PARA:
24.Reinforced Thermosetting Resin.(RTR)

25.2hours Refer:Bondstrand RP-48 Epoxy Adhesive for bonding.


27. New systems after strength tests and prior to initial start-up:
For systems with maximum operating pressures greater than 6.894 MPa (1000 psi), a leak test with inert gas, followed by a service test, shall be conducted at the maximum operating pressure of the piping system. Oil flowlines, trunklines, testlines and water injection lines are excluded from this requirement.
Ø Reference:SAES-A-004 PARA:

28. Scedule” Q” stands for QUALITY minimum requirement as per standards
29.Method of statement.
30.Oily water SAES-S-020
      Sanitary sewer SAES-S-010
      Firewater SAES-B-017
      Utility water-S-070


32. SAES-L-350






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