Monday, September 19, 2016

Redmi 3S 32GB Mobile Phone at Just Rs599 on Amazon !!

Image result for Redmi 3s at Rs.599Beware, it's a scam! Xiaomi Redmi 3S 32GB at just Rs 599 on Amazon

 The Amazon website information this is fake. Such sites only work when you open them on the phone and they fool unsuspecting internet users into buying them. But you money will go into a black hole.
Amazon India only sells from so please check the url you are going to before you decide to buy.

The fraudsters have very cunningly made a shadow copy of Amazon's website in which it is offering Redmi 3S 32GB at just Rs 599. Many users have found this message circulating on social platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike etc.
If not handled carefully, these sites can easily trick you into sharing your valuable data –from phone number, email, personal details etc.
Be very careful while you feed in your details.

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