Friday, 2 April 2010

Delete the Israeli flag from your Computers/Laptops..

Did you know that the Israeli flag is present on your computer? 

 I have found it years ago we had a desktop it, we didn't have internet so it was originally inside it, I remember it was inside folders with other pictures (symbols) next to it back then i didn't even knew what it was but i now a remember it

Big surprise by the large to the small that the image of an Israeli flag found in all computers of the world and facilitate the task you have tried this method for yourself...

 How to find them:
 Then go to the computer
 Select the C part of your hard disk
 And then open the Program Files folder
 And then open the Microsoft Office folder
 And then Folder MEDIA
 And then CAGCAT10
 Find the Image name J0285926

 You will find an Israeli flag and the view of the candles celebration of victory.
 I wish that all of us delete this pic.Please spread this message as much as possible .

By: M.Ajmal Khan.      

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