Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015 Resolution top 50...

When I was younger, I never considered yours as I planned my path to adulthood. A plan was always in place, but there was never a definitive age or year of accomplishment. (Might need to ponder on that.) So I never contemplated what my life might be like in 2014. Never.

Not to say that I did not have goals to accomplish. College degree. Check. A paying job. Check. Graduate school. (Started, so semi check). These were the main goals set upon by expectations.

What I do, what works best for me is to take life as it comes. So when my credit was tanked and answering unknown numbers was Russian Roulette, I set up a plan to pull myself out. When it came to my past demons taking control of me I went to therapy, wrote my heart out in my diary and made a plan of action on how to handle my triggers. When it was time to step out of my comfort zone at work and seek a better position with more responsibility, although I was scared shitless I did it and have not looked back.
So there no resolutions for me. We all make some short of resolution and quickly break them.But there are few who find there way out without breaking their New year resolutions.And those are the one who become successful in life.So lets try something new this Year 2015.Here are few most common New Year resolution top 50 list.

Daily Morning walk :This will certainly help to maintain you health
Exercise or workout daily :Again a healthy lifestyle
Loose weight :Most common resolution among all.
Quit smoking : Start if from today,you know why.
No to alcohol :Try and never quit.
Get up early in the morning :A must to do if you are a student.
Write a daily diary : Certainly good way to keep a record of you life.
Will keep a check on my expenses
Not fight with my spouse.
Will not eat junk food : Not easy but a must if you wanna regain you slim body.
Will follow Healthy diet.
Will spend time with family : We all want to do it.
Will try to get married.
I will brush my teeth at night.
I will get enough sleep:Quite weird as most of the people say that they oversleep
I will make new good friends.
I will get rid of my old clothes.
I will revamp my home.
I will keep my room clean.
I will speak softly to others.
I will reach office in time.
I will keep my mail inbox clean.
I will take my kids for a vacation.
I will study hard to get good grades : Your parents will be more happy then you for this resolution.
I will propose her/him.
Will try to improve my handwriting.
I will offer my prayers to God daily.
Will start doing yoga and Meditation daily.
Will join fitness programs or gym for sure.
I will complete an education course to enhance my skills.
Will work on my English speaking skills.
I will work on my marriage.
I will spend time with my kids.
I will start a family.
I will save my pocket money:Important especially for teens
I will find a new job.
Pay all my debts.
I will apologize to all whom I have hurt in the previous year.
I will do at least one good task daily.
Will go for complete medical.
Will spend time with my Grandparents.
I will learn cooking : We all love eating then why not to learn it.
I will learn swimming
I will join a computer course ; A must in today's technology oriented world.
I will go for a world tour : One of my favorite too.
I will go for a second honeymoon : Don't think just do it.
I will maintain a daily record of my expenses ; A must if you you to have strict budget like me.
I will not skip my meals: We all do it a lot.
I will drink at least 5 glasses of water daily.
I will start my own venture: Thats the great idea

All I can do is take each day as it comes and react. Remember my random thoughts of wants and dreams and make them happen.

Prepared  by M.Ajmal Khan.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year Common Greeting Card Special Collections..

New Year's day is celebrated on 1st January.  Usually the New Year’s Day is given a holiday and in some places the next day is given holiday as citizens will be on holiday mood and parties are organized late night. New Year Celebrations: People greet each other on this New Year day.  In some industries and factories it is a tradition to offer gifts and new clothes by managements to the employees and workers. In corporate companies they distribute gifts to the suppliers, creditors, bankers, customer’s investors and to their employees and officers. 

The greeting card companies used to print in large quantities and used to sell them. Even the postal and courier companies have good business on this eve. Greeting cards have quotes on New Year and they express wishes for New Year.  With the development of internet people are using technology and they have started expressing their New Year wishes through greetings cards over the net. After the penetration of Mobile phones now a day’s people are using mobile phones to express their New Year wishes by sending SMS messages to their near and dear. Sweets and dry fruits play important role and people are distributing these in decent gift packs. Flowers become very costly on this New Year day.  In western world People decorate their homes and offices with flowers. They express their wishes with flowers and bouquets.Sending Greeting cards to friend sand relative are like tradition for the New Year.Here are some of the best New year messages that you can write in your Greeting Card for your family. New Year Greeting Card Messages Here are some of the best New Year 2015 Greeting card Messages.Do send it to all your loved and dear ones.. And finally, here we go: 10... 9... 8... 3... 2... 1...!!!
Happy New Years! Wishing you 365 days of good luck!  You..

Happy new year quotes

Happy new year quotes

happy new year quotes

Happy new year quotes