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KFC and Mc Donold's are Dominated Indians!!

 I was just remembering my Dubai moments past 10 years ago, During This  period  I had a friend from China is staying  same Apartment in Al Shaab Colony, Hor Al Anz, Dubai.. I want to share the information regarding KFC, McDonald like  companies providing the Fast Foods..

KFC and McDonald’s  are a leading Chicken and Fast food restaurant Offers varieties of Fried chicken, Hot and crispy chicken, 'Kentucky fried Chicken' and 'finger licking good' fried chicken recipes and menus, popcorn Chicken, variety bucket of chicken and much more .Order french fries or hot wings at a McDonald's Or a KFC  Chicken in India   and You're more likely to get a super-sized helping of artery-clogging trans fats Then you would be at their restaurants in all over the world.  Countries. Trans fat raises bad cholesterol and lowers Good cholesterol. Eating just 5 grams of it per day increases the risk of heart Disease 25 percent, research shows.

I was very surprised See a difference in trans fatty acids in these uniform products," said one Of the researchers, Dr. Steen Stender, a cardiologist at Gentofte University Hospital in Hellerup, Denmark, and former head of the Danish Nutrition Council. "It's such an easy risk factor to remove."

Many of us have heard the Urban legend about “Kentucky Fried Chicken” having to change their name to KFC Because they didn’t use real chickens, and the government wouldn’t let them Falsely advertise that they served real chicken. A friend of mine told me that Story in a KFC in a big city, where I used to Dubai  in UAE. He refused to eat the chicken. I Didn’t believe the story. I’m a tough sell. I will put a story like that in a Little cloud in my head where it can float around until I have a chance to Verify it. Research, for example, established that the story about enterprising Chinese businessmen using a chemical cocktail to convert pork to beef was true.
And, just today I learned that a cockroach really can survive For 9 days with it’s head cut off. There’s actually an article in Scientific American is verified  his. If I’d had to bet, and I would have put money down on this one, I’d have Said “absolutely not”. I know a thing or two about insects, and that just Sounds like the kind of story someone who didn’t know anything about insects Would believe. I was wrong.

Now there’s a new KFC story that hasn’t been Debunked yet. It comes from a local Chinese newspaper in Shaanxi Provence, and Hasn’t been popularized yet, so there’s nothing in English on the internet About it that I can find. I got the info from a science teacher who worked as a University affiliated with the one I worked at in Dubai, and who I’d met at a Social gathering and have kept in contact with. He translated the document for Me and sent me the pic. According to the article, a girl named Yang Pei, who Worked in a “chicken factory” which raises chickens for KFC in china, had heard Rumors that the chickens were mutants. Initially, the girl, who was a university Educated, didn’t believe the stories of multi-winged, multi-legged, beakless, Featherless freak birds. But over time she began to wonder. Interestingly, the Chickens at this facility were off limits to general workers like her, which Raised her suspicions. She thought it was extremely unusual that you needed Special clearance to see the chickens, when her own family had their own Chicken farm and anyone and everyone could come and see the whole Process 

First Know about KFC and McDonald’s..

KFC began with Colonel Harland Sanders. He discovered his penchant for cooking when he was only 9 years old. Through the years he grew up to become a personage the world knows as Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC.
KFC Corporation is the largest fast-food chicken operator, developer, and franchiser in the world. KFC, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc. until late 1997, operates over 5,000 units in the United States, approximately 60 percent of which are franchises. Internationally, KFC has more than 3,700 units, of which two-thirds are also franchised.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded by Harland Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky. Sanders was born on a small farm in Henryville, Indiana, in 1890. During the 1930s an image that would become known throughout the world began to develop. First, Sanders was named an honorary Kentucky Colonel by the state's governor; second, he developed a unique, quick method of spicing and pressure-frying chicken. Due to his regional popularity, the Harland Sanders Court and Cafe received an endorsement by Duncan Hines's Adventures in Good Eating in 1939.
He reached celebrity status in 1952, when he decided to franchise his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe blends of 11 herbs and spices to the rest of America. 

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a fast food restaurant chain. which specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the world's second largest restaurant chain overall (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with over 18,000 outlets in 120 countries and territories as of December 2012. The company is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, a restaurant company that also owns the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant chains.

Since its incorporation in 1955, McDonald's Corporation has not only become the world's largest The corporationtione restaurant organization, but has hellit corporation mericans' Organization-and increasingly the habits of non-Ameorganization. On Increasingly, more than 46 million people eat at one of the company's more than 31,000 restaurants, which are located in 119 countries on six continents. Whichwhich 9,000 of the restaurants are company owned. McDonald's Corporation opened its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Ill. in 1955 and began to expand internationally in 1967, with restaurants in Canada (try a McLobster roll here) and Puerto Rico (where flan has appeared on the menu). 
Today, McDonald's international restaurants can be found on every continent except Antarctica; their popularity is due to menu variations that recognize cultural differences, as well as to such international favorites as French fries (nine million pounds are served every day). 

Written By M.Ajmal Khan.

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