Wednesday, 27 March 2013


SriLankan Airlines Limited (previously known as Air Lanka) is the flag carrier airline of Sri Lanka. It operates a fleet of 14 Airbus aircraft to destinations in Asia and Europe from its main base and hub at Colombo - Bandaranaike International Airport. The airline's trademark phrase is 'You're Our World', and the company's logo features a stylized peacock.

Sri Lankan Airlines Catering service makes all efforts to provide HALAL meat products. But the situation is explained as follows..

We would like to bring your kind attention that halal certification system is withdrawal by ALL CEYLON JAMMIYATHUL ULAMA after pressures from hardliners Buddhist groups. Therefore there is no proper mechanism for ensure halal foods or halal products in Sri Lanka. If you are buying foods from Sri Lankan Catering, please make sure of its halal status. Or please make alternative arrangements to provide Halal food your passengers who use your airlines.
One of evidence is mentioned here. It published in local news

March 15, 2013 11:52 am

All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association has decided to refrain from selling any products with the ‘Halaal’ logo with effect from April 01.

The association’s national organizer Asela Sampath stated that canteen owners faced various difficulties in recent times due to the Halaal certificate.

He stated that a majority of Sinhalese and Tamil customers rejected the products with Halaal certificate resulting in a drop in revenue of canteens.

All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association states that although canteen owners spend large sums on their canteens the income they generate has drastically reduced. 

The following airline not only belongs to Muslim  majority country. All of the served food are suppose to  halal. It is written in the menu distributed to all passenger. For flights departing from all continent , all food are prepared by Airline`s own catering or Contracting company, where they have been certified by HALAL AUTHORITIES.

Manufacturers and their products are often certified halal by qualified halal certification agencies. Many of these agencies have different approaches to certification and here, you can browse agencies worldwide and see how they influence the industry through acceptance of their standards. With halal authorities, the halal chain is complete - outlining the process from authority to manufacturer to product to consumer.

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