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Are You Taking LED TV/ SMART TV To Home ? To Pay Indian Custom Duty For LCD/LED/ SMART TV...

Dear Friends,
I am posting this for all to know that the Chennai/Thircy Customs are behaving in a very bullish and arrogant manner harassing incoming Indians from vacations after visiting places such a Singapore/ Dubai. I have three instances when our friends and relatives were forced to pay extra duty based on some arbitrary list held by the customs officials at the MAA airport in Chennai. Although they have the original invoice and the bill and the credit card payment slip the customs officers in charge insist with threats to pay up according to the list they hold which is anyway atrociously priced and out of limits. People have been fleeced out of 25K and more at times.

If you take it when you Return to India for Good, you will pay only 15% duty under Transfer of Residence

Let's say you bought a TV costing 35000 Indian Rupees and you have another Rs 10000 worth of duty items (
excluding one laptop) So total Cost will be 35K + 10K = 45K. Out of this 25K is free allowances each person so you will end up paying duty on 20K

Actually tax should be calculated based on the purchased country price and then converted into Indian rupees. For example 1200aed x 12.5 = 15000 rs. But our customs people may say that it is based on the Indian price for the same product which is rubbish. So if no one will buy it from another country. Indian rules are good, but some officers change it for their benefits.

Allowances cannot be pooled, even among family members.

Reciepts / Bills / Invoice ?
Always it is good to have receipts ready or you will end up paying customs duty for somewhat arbitrary value for the TV, fixed by the indian customs

The duty is assessed on the "value" of the goods rather than the figure that may be written on any "invoice" produced by the importer. Customs have a database which is used to assess the value so underdeclaring value to avoid duty doesn't work anymore.

Do not try to bribe a customs officer to avoid the duty.
The penalties for being caught initiating a bribe are quite significant and unpleasant nowadays. You will have to tackle Indian customs on your own and if you have the knack and know how to deal with them, you can get away easily, else, you pay through your nose.

Voltage and Frequency differencesIndian power voltage is 240 volts while the United States has 115 volts ... you may need voltage converter and a plug

Which brand/model will work in India?
I want to buy a TV only after I am sure that it will work there.
The Digital broadcast standard selected by India is DVB-T while that in the U.S., it's ATSC. Analogue standards (PAl and NTSC) are incompatible too. Make sure the USA bought TV will work in India.
LCD TVs prices in India are very expensive compared to US.

My parents are visiting us in the US right now. They want to take a 32" LCD TV back to India....... Is it Worth It ?

Some models of the TV's and Blue Ray Players now are multi Region (NTSC/ATSC/PAL/QAM)

When You use a SET-UP Box with HDMI Output (Reliance Big TV / SUN Direct / Airtel) you don't have to worry about PAL / NTSC cause they all relay DIGITAL Signal.

If you're planning to use this "LCD TV" as a computer monitor, then you can consider taking it to India.

Airlines will not charge anything additional, other than what they charge for an extra box/package as shipped with your baggage. (airlines cover it if its lost and not if it is broken)

You get good LCD TVs in India  which will work with Indian PAL standard and 240 volts and you'll get local warranty as well as support too.

Is It Risky To Carry A LCD/LED TV In Airline Luggage? Can It Be Damaged?
It can be risky! You can request that they label it fragile upon checking the item it. This does not guarantee it will arrive unharmed.

They may not allow you to check it in once you share its contents.

Should they allow, it still must meet the airline baggage requirements.

Most, if not all airlines, restrict baggage weight and size.

Baggage over 70lbs are restricted and if allowed, you will be charged a set amount.

They also have restrictions based on length and height.

Transport LED/LCD TV The absolute best way to transport an LCD/LED TV is in the original box with the original Styrofoam forms that protected it
 - If its in the original packing, it should be able to survive the journeyAssuming you can't do that, your best bet is to pack it as firmly as possible around the back, sides, and only the frame in front. Have nothing pressing on the screen itself.

You get good LCD TVs in India, which will work with Indian standard and 240 volts and you'll get local warranty as well as support too.

There is no point in buying in US and taking it to India. Simply too many hassles.

whenever  we are india entered GATT treaty. All political parties 
refused and expressed their displeasure. Congressparty assured gatt come into effect most of the things can be imported freely, and for NRIs who earn foreign currency can purchase and import goods without paying customs duty.
even otherwise why should NRIs pay customs duty.

NRIs are not converting indian rupees to dollars and buying goods. NRIs buy foreign goods with the money they have earned out of india. indians travelled to other countries because of the lack of job, poverty and low standard living environment in india.

india's main source of foreign currency is from NRIs. shame on indian customs and govt for still milking NRIs and depriving the rights of NRIs. think and act sensibly.

Prepared by M.Ajmal Khan.

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