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நயாகரா நீர்வீழ்ச்சி உறைந்து ஐஸ் கட்டியாக காட்சி தருகிறது(Frozen Niagara Falls in Polar Vortex on 10 January 2014)!!!

வரலாற்றிலேயே இல்லாத அளவு மிக அதிகளவான குளிரில் சிக்கித் தவித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது அமெரிக்கா.

அமெரிக்காவே உலக மக்களின் கண்களில் பெரும் காட்சிப் பொருளாக மாறி மாபெரும் ஐஸ் கட்டி நாடாக மாறிக் கிடக்கிறது.

எங்கு பார்த்தாலும் பனிக் கட்டிகள், ஐஸ் கட்டிகள், கடும் குளிர், பனிக் காற்று.
கடந்த 50 ஆண்டுகளில் இல்லாத அளவுக்கு மிகப் பயங்கரமான பனிக்காற்றை தாங்க முடியாமல் அமெரிக்கா நடுங்கிக் கிடக்கிறது.
இந்த நிலையில் அமெரிக்காவுக்கும், கனடாவுக்கும் இடையே இருக்கும் நயாகரா நீர்வீழ்ச்சி உறைந்து போயிருப்பது அனைவரையும் பிரமிக்க வைத்துள்ளது.

கிட்டத்தட்ட முழுமையாக உறைந்து விட்டது, மேலிருந்து பெரும் சத்தத்துடன் விழும் தண்ணீர் தற்போது ஐஸ் கட்டியாக காட்சி தருகிறது.

கீழே பார்த்தால் ஐஸ் மலைகளாக மாறி நிற்கின்றது தண்ணீர் தடாகம்.

நயாகரா உறைந்து போயிருப்பதைக் காண கடும் குளிரையும், உயிர் அபாயத்தையும் பொருட்படுத்தாமல் மக்கள் அங்கு வந்து புகைப்படம் எடுத்துச் செல்கின்றனர்.

1912ம் ஆண்டுக்கு பிறகு தற்போது தான் இப்படி உறைந்துள்ளதாம்.

For English...

Polar Vortex…

The falls had been subject to the severe cold weather due to the polar vortex that had swept across north America, delivering temperatures in some cases colder than the north pole. This had caused big parts of Niagara to freeze!
Niagara Falls - Frozen.
American and Bridal Vale Falls
The river below the falls was covered in thick ice. The flow was still there just underneath an impressive thick sheet of ice. The American and Bridal Vale falls had huge sections iced over. At the bottom of the fall huge icebergs had formed. These little beauts could sink the Titanic!
Horse Shoe Falls
I then walked over to the famous house shoe falls. The spray from this is insane! I found myself walking through a ridiculously cold rain storm. As I walked directly through the spray, little did I know that as soon as the wind changed the path was completely dry. Needless to say it took seconds for a drenched Jaif to turn to ice.
The Facts
The Niagara river runs from Lake Erie through to Lake Ontario with all of this impressive flow crashing over the famous falls. There is in fact so much flow that it boasts the highest flow rate of any falls in the world. In high flow six million cubic feet of water crash over the three falls a minuet, with four million on average. That insane flow is harnessed with hydro power, which is nice.
Fifteen people have officially attempted to go over that falls five of which have died. Most of the successful attempts were  strapped in a reenforced metal barrel of sorts. Fatal attempts include a cake and a jet ski.
No shit
The falls divide the us state of new York and the Canadian province of Ontario and the twin cities of Niagara falls sit either side of the natural wonder, each with its own casino.
Niagara is a must, seeing it in these extremes made it that little more special. In conclusion, wait for a polar vortex and check it for yourself, you’ll freeze your balls off but it’ll be worth it!
Frozen Niagara Falls photos 2014, Breathtaking photos of Niagara Falls being frozen over have gone viral ever since the U.S. And Canada was pelted with the polar vortex. But though the frozen-over falls are beautiful to look at, all is not what it seems. Some of the pictures being shared on social media sites were taken well before the polar vortex in 2014.








However, Aaron Harris, a photographer for Reuters, took some stellar icy pictures of the 167-foot frozen falls Wednesday after the famous natural attraction partially froze when temperatures hit record lows on Tuesday, Yahoo reported. The temperature in Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday was reported at minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit. The news site said the ice formed on the horseshoe part of the falls, which is on the American side but can be viewed from the Canadian side.

Though it’s extraordinary for the Falls to freeze, it’s not the first time it has happened. There are supposedly pictures from the early- and mid-1900s that show an iced waterfall in the archives at Niagara Falls Public Library, but experts aren’t confident they’re authentic images.

As Yahoo pointed out, even though Harris’ photos of a frozen Niagara Falls are authentic, others circulating the Web are phonies. Or, at least, they weren't photographed during the polar vortex in 2014.
He polar vortex sweeping many parts of North America has frozen part of Niagara Falls,
Presenting a picturesque view to the tourists.

Icicles hanging around the falls, along with their splashing water and frequent rainbows,
Have attracted more visitors than in previous winters.

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