Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Review of Padma Shri Actress Sridevi Murdered in Dubai Hotel ?

Image result for SrideviAgeless beauty, vibrant, beautiful, brilliant and iconic -- the Indian film fraternity out poured its love for Sridevi as the news of her sudden death of the veteran actress left the country shocked. Sridevi's career spanned five decades - she started working in movies at age 4. By the time she was 13, she was playing lead roles. She acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies before scripting a soaring career in Bollywood. A 15-year break from movies followed her marriage to Boney Kapoor. Sridevi returned in 2012 with the smash-hit "English Vinglish". She followed it up with the thriller "Mom". She shot for a special appearance in superstar Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film - "Zero" - which releases in December. Sridevi is survived by her husband, and two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi.The Great Female actress Sridevi and family were in town after attending the wedding of her nephew and actor Mohit Marwah, which took place in Ras Al Khaimah. Three days after actor Sridevi died in Dubai, her body has been released from the morgue and is being taken for embalming, according to Khaleej Times, a UAE daily. Sridevi's family, earlier today, got a clearance letter from the Dubai Police for embalming, the Indian Consulate had confirmed in a tweet. A forensic report has said Sridevi "accidentally drowned" in a bathtub in her hotel room on Saturday.

Looks like Indian media is more interested in getting Sridevi's Body released than in letting investigations getting completed. Procedures in such accidental cases are very normal. Based on the findings and results of the police procedures and post-mortem report, prosecutors will decide on the next step. However, the public and the media should be aware that the law in such incidents require certain and very particular law enforcement procedures that has to be carried out prior to issuing a written approval to have the body of the late Indian actress or any other deceased’s body released. Primarily and principally speaking, the family’s privacy must be respected and secondly, the authorities’ procedures and efforts must also be respected. This incident, is being treated like all other similar incident, since Dubai’s law enforcement officers and organisations treat all cases and involved individuals in the same manner ... law enforcement procedures are practiced and applied justly and equally on all individuals present on the land of the UAE,

Even when it is more than evident now that her death was not natural. They are all eagerly waiting to relay scenes of her last journey inter pressed with stock shots of songs and scenes from her hit movies. After all, this is a big spectacle that will get them huge TRPs. Hence this indirect pressure on authorities in Dubai to get her Body released soonest. No news channel is interested in finding out the truth it seems.

My friend is doctor, He troubled by the way in which actress Sridevi's death was announced. His view..

1. Nobody has told us she was intoxicated enough to be drowned in a bath tub. Was blood alcohol level done? If so, it should be declared to the public what it was and if it was high enough to cause accidental drowning.
2. Another possibility is that she could have slipped and hurt her head in bath tub and lost her consciousness. That can explain drowning even if she was not heavily under influence of alcohol.
3. Why did her husband suppress the fact that she was drowned in bath tub and call it "cardiac arrest" which is a ridiculous way of saying she died because "heart heart stopped". It may be noted that cardiac arrest is due to a predisposing cause and it has been revealed Sridevi had no prior heart condition that could cause a "cardiac arrest".
4. What happened in the 15 minutes Bonney Kapoor spent with Sridevi before she went to take a bath?
As always, we may not know everything that happened but at least public should be reassured there was no foul play.

Tons of contradictory statements & irrelevant theories only misleading the prime motive & cause in the preliminary investigation for entertainment masala ! we have to summarize there are 2 versions.

First version is of Mr Boney Kapoor.

Second version is of hotel authorities. Some questions to be answered

1. Why did Sridevi stay for 3 days even after her family left ?

2. If Sridevi was drunk why did her husband insist they go out for dinner as he should have known the circumstances and told her to take rest.

3. What surprises us is why Mr. Kapoor called his friend and not the doctor. Where as these kind of hotels do have round the clock doctor on a call. All started at 5.30 pm and called the police at at 9 pm lost the precious time of around 3 hours. What was Boney Kapoor doing from 6 pm to 9 pm.

4. See all CCTV footage who came to meet Sridevi for 3 days.

5. Did something happen which upset Boney Kapoor ?. Even if a person is drunk no sane person dies with drowning

7. Was it a sinister act which no one knows ? Boney Kapoor can only answer the truth.

8. Its like the Arushi murder case where till now no one knows who killed her as only her parents know the truth. 8. The mystery remains

I’m a great fan of her from my childhood days. She is the only actress who has acted as a daughter and heroine with many big actors in Tamil film industry. Nobody can replace her. This will be a big void which nobody can replace in near future. Anyhow, we lost a great Beauty Queen actress, "Sridevi's sudden passing away has left us in deep shock. Can't imagine how such a bubbly person, a wonderful actor, is no more. She has left a void in the industry that cannot be filled. whose agony pain cannot be measured/felt.

By : M.Ajmal Khan.

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