Sunday, August 16, 2015

Registration Steps of Hajj 1436 (2015) for Resident Pilgrims!!

 Dear All,
Please follow the Registration Steps for the different categories of Hajj programs for those who intend Hajj this year 1436  (2015) by Allaah's permission!!

1 - enter into the website of the ministry of Hajj at
2 - select the (Arabic (/English)) language from the front page of the web
3 - you will find three (3) options:
i. General Hajj
ii. Reduced Hajj
iii. Low-cost Hajj
The General Hajj program is the phrase used for a Hajj package with complete services
4 - after you have selected the hajj program, you will see all the companies involved in the chosen category
5 - it is possible for you to search through based on city or name of the companies or the price or quality of the service or distance from jamaraat as well as based on category or quickness or without quickness
6 - after you have selected what you want of category and company, you will see the illustrative form specific to the chosen category that must be filled (with data such as ID number, Origin of ID, Date of issue, Expiry date and blood type)
7 - the one who has performed Hajj before will find list of exceptions in the cases of exception, that applies to it (such as Hajj on behalf of the deceased or....)
8 - after completing this and his request is accepted, a sms message will be sent to him to deposite the amount (hajj fee) in the bank account of the Hajj ministry
9 - after completion of all the above, an sms will be sent to his mobile number containing his contract number and date
10 - then enter into the portal of the ministry of Hajj and from the information in the text message sent, you will be able to access and print the contract
11 - the contract will be offered to the company with documents that proves the ownership of the contract (copy of ID + passport photograph + vaccination + blood type)

And this is in order to sign the contract and to collect the specific hajj permit Announcements for those willing to perform Hajj in this year 1436 (2015).
The Ministry of Hajj has announced the date of registration on their internet portal for those resident pilgrims willing to perform Hajj in this year 1436, which will be on ( Today )Sunday 1/11/1436 (16/08/2015) by 08:00am through its website;

Also, the ministry has warned against dealing with any company, no matter it is, and made it clear that the internet portal is the only place for Hajj registration and payment of Hajj fee, to ensure that there is no price manipulation or its increment
The Ministry explained that they distinguished between the hajj categories based on their proximity to the 'mashaa'ir' and train, and the categories differ from each other with other features and they are:

1. Low-cost Hajj, fixed price (SR 3000)
2. Reduced Hajj, price start from (SR 3000) to (SR 5250)
3. General Hajj, price start from (SR 5893) to (SR 11890)

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Collection by M.Ajmal Khan.

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