Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Australia in line to take over 2022 World Cup from Qatar !!!

The stadium will have a 40,000 capacity but will reduce to 20,000 after the tournament

Australia is back in line as a strong contender to host the 2022 World Cup after Qatar's diplomatic crisis has left it in jeopardy and likely to pull out of holding the event.

A new report has delved into the suitability for Qatar to host the World Cup, amid the ongoing political tension in the Middle East.

The build-up to World Cup 2022 has been dogged with problems since it was controversially awarded to Qatar ahead of Australia in 2010.

Should Qatar be forced to pull out of hosting the World Cup, Australia could be placed back in the running.

Australia lost out to the Gulf State in the 2022 bid, sparking outrage.

The decision raised concerns over alleged corruption, with former FIFA president Sepp Blatter stepping down in 2015.

A study by management consultants Cornerstone Global evaluated the impact of the current diplomatic situation involving Qatar and its surrounding countries.

Obtained by the BBC, the report claims Qatar 'is under greater pressure regarding its hosting of the tournament'.

'The current political crisis has seen - or at least raised the possibility of - a Qatari opposition movement emerging,' the report said.

'Given the current political situation... it is certainly possible that the tournament will not be held in Qatar.'

The report warned companies of the 'high-risk' infrastructure programme, which is set to total $257billion (£153bn) in costs.

There have also been reports of migrant workers on construction sites being subjected to appalling conditions.

The tournament has subsequently had to be moved to winter because of the temperatures in the summer.

The Qatar in focus: Is the Fifa World Cup 2022 in danger? report advises clients to 'to give them unique insights to the reality of doing business in complex and challenging environments'.

It also adds: 'Western diplomats have privately stated they do not know whether or not the tournament will take place as planned.

'Any cancellation of Qatar hosting the World Cup 2022 will likely be abrupt and will leave contractors involved in a precarious situation that may not be easily resolved.'

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy dismissed the report as 'transparent as it is laughable.'

What's the report saying?

That among local diplomats in the Middle East, there is not full confidence that Qatar will be able to deliver the World Cup. The report is prepared for infrastructure firms assessing the risks involved in working on preparations for the World Cup.

Why is there a risk the World Cup will be moved?

Diplomats believe the current crisis which has resulted in a blockade of the sovereign state could lead to the development of an opposition movement in the country, with no guarantees of continuity if the governance of the country changes.

How did the crisis develop?

Qatar is a gas-rich nation, sharing a huge oil field with Iran. However, its economic might has long caused fractious relations with some of its Gulf neighbours and things reached crisis point this summer. Five nations – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain and Yemen accused Qatar of supporting terrorism in June and broke off diplomatic ties. Turkey remains supportive of Qatar, flying out food to beat the blockade, however Qatar's cash supplies are falling and it has also been hit by falling oil prices.

What problems has this caused?

Saudi Arabia, Qatar's only immediate neighbour, has closed its land border to the nation, leading to major logistical problems, involving food and movement of citizens. The Saudis, Egypt and UAE have also closed their airspace to Qatari transportation. Infrastructure firms have been forced to source materials needed to build stadiums and other World Cup-related projects from countries outside of the blockade areas. Previously such materials came through the main port in Dubai, now closed to Qatar and its own shipping facilities are limited until a new port opens soon.

Will the World Cup really be transferred?

A number of controversial issues surround the World Cup, from the corruption alleged to have been involved in Qatar securing it, to the treatment of workers and its movement from summer to winter. However, it seems the biggest threat yet is the diplomatic crisis, both in terms of regional instability or a change in leadership of the tiny nation which could put hosting it under threat. The competition's future in the country depends on how the crisis plays out
As the host nation faces diplomatic crisis in the Middle East
Qatar was controversially chosen to stage the 2022 World Cup by FIFA in 2010
The nation is now involved in a diplomatic crisis, placing Australia back in line
The World Cup infrastructure is due to total $257 billion once completed
Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup instead of Australia

Host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup !!

“The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is being held for the first time in the Middle East, is being hosted by Qatar and this will benefit both Qatar and Middle Eastern countries. The matter of Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup is not up for negotiation,” Al-Thani said.

Al-Thani’s comments came after Dubai security Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan wrote on his Twitter account last week that the Gulf crisis could end if Doha forfeited hosting the World Cup.

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