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Seychelles is One Taste of Tropical Paradise on Earth..

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                                Would you like to begin a Life of marital bliss with a relaxed beach holiday in the Indian Ocean? One of the world's largest coral reef which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The reef consists of four main islands and it remained mostly intact by people. You can find the world's largest giant tortoise population here. The Seychelles is the perfect holiday Destination because Blue sky, turquoise sea, white sandy beach, huge granite rocks - that's what is waiting for us in the Seychelles.


1. The most beautiful beaches in the world

... Here is where you can find the most beautiful beaches in the world (see the following websites: National Geographic, Welt online, www.strandbewertung.de). The powder-fine white sand, the crystal clear water and the spectacular rock formations are simply overwhelming. 

2. All year round destination

... Their tropical latitude makes the islands a location where you can spend your vacation at any time of the year. Temperatures are consistently balmy at about 30 degrees throughout the year, only varying by one or two degrees.

3. A variety of activities and attractions

... The islands provide plenty of activities and attractions. Unlike the Maldives or other similar islands, the Seychelles have many activities to offer, guaranteeing both relaxation and adventure. Did you know that the evergreen mountain slopes rise up to 1000 meters above sea level? The Seychelles are not only perfect for snorkelling, diving and sailing but also ideal for hiking, cycling and shopping. If you are looking for genuine adventure, explore the island in a jeep, which you can easily rent.

4. Culinary experiences

... There is no other place on earth providing such excellent Creole cuisine. The country's culinary tradition, which is based mainly on fish and seafood reflects the diversity of the indigenous cultures with its mixture of Asian, European and African influences.

5. Huge coral reefs

... Unlike other diving spots, several parts of the island feature completely intact coral reefs. You will be thrilled by its fascinating underwater world rich in colourful fish stocks.

6. A safe destination

... Travelling there is absolutely safe at all times of day and night. Due to its high standard of living, which is comparable with central Europe, the crime rate in the Seychelles is very low.

7. Unique fauna

... Just like the islands themselves, their fauna features multicolored diversity. You will be fascinated by an incomparable variety of local birds and land animals from the smallest frog on earth to giant tortoises. And the good news is that you will not find one single poisonous or dangerous animal in Seychelles. No danger either of snakes or of malaria.

8. A location for relaxation

... The islands guarantee absolute quiet and relaxation. As the Seychelles is an exclusive and popular high-end travel destination entirely free of mass tourism. You will always find empty beaches. That makes the Seychelles an ideal destination for honeymooners or couples searching for a romantic holiday.

9. Every sort of accommodation

... Here you will find accommodation in all types and in all price classes. From simple but sparklingly clean guest houses for six-star luxury resorts, there is something for everyone.

10. Individual island hopping

... Here you can make an unforgettable tailor-made island hopping holiday where you can explore the diversity of each island in the most relaxing way possible. Just hop from one island to the other from Mahé to Praslin, La Digue, Cerf Island or to one of the outer islets of more convenient transport at reasonable prices – often less than €1000 for a two-week holiday.

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Collection & Written By M.Ajmal Khan..

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