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Tamilian Domination in Seychelles...

Seychelles is a  comparatively young nation which can trace its first settlement back to 1770 When the islands were first settled by the French, leading a small party Whites, Indians and Africans. The islands remained in French hands until the Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, evolving from humble beginnings to attain a Population of 3,500 by the time Seychelles was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Paris in 1814.

Under the British, Seychelles achieved a population of some 7,000 by the year 1825. Important Estates were established during this time producing coconut, food crops, cotton and sugar cane. During this period Seychelles also saw the establishment of Victoria as her capital, the exile of numerous and colorful troublemakers from the Empire, the devastation caused by the famous Avalanche of 1862 and the Economic repercussions of the abolition of slavery.

Seychelles achieved Independence from Britain in 1976 and became a republic within the Commonwealth. Following a period of single party rule by the government of Mr. France Albert René, on December 4, 1991, President René announced a return to the multi-party system of government. In 1993 the first multiparty presidential And legislative elections held under a new constitution in which President René Was victorious. President René also won the 1998 and 2003 elections before Transferring the Presidency to James Alix Michel in June 2004.

Seychelles consists of 155 islands only 3 of which have any "sizeable" population. They are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue islands.Victoria is the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. This largest city of the Seychelles was named after Queen Victoria during British colonial rule. Victoria is the largest settlement on Mahe, and also the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. However, even though it's the national capital, the feel of Victoria is a smaller, quieter town rather than a bustling city.Mahe is also the best place to get a feel for the culture of the Seychelles. Around 75,000 people live on Mahe. There are three official languages in the Seychelles: Creole (a lilting, French-based patois), English and French. Many Seychellois also speaks fluent Italian or German.

SEYCHELLES a group of islands in the Indian Ocean has a history of about 230 years.
Annual Kavadi procession through Victoria, capital of Seychelles
Annual Kavadi procession through Victoria, capital of Seychelles
A shipload of migrants landed here in 1770, composed of diverse ethnicity out of whom five were Tamils from Mauritius/Reunion. Tamil traders from Pondicherry used to visit for the purposes of timber trade followed by settlements of Tamils from Tamil Nadu for trading purposes. Later, a trading community was in place here mainly of Tamils and many of them got integrated with the local community. Now they're about 4000 Tamils in the trading as well as in the professions. The organization of the Seychelles Hindu Kovil Sangam in 1984 and the building of the first and the only Navasakthi Vinayagar temple brought together all the Tamils to further consolidate and nurture their cultural and religious links. The annual Kavadi festival is a major event which is a government holiday for all Tamilian/ Hindus. Cultural troupes are invited from time to time to enhance cultural values and links. The organization of the Seychelles Hindu Council, a celebration of Deepavali festival on a national scale and the setting up of a crematorium with government support are events worthy of note. The Tamil Cultural Development center conducting Tamil classes with the support of the Indian High Commission, the Seychelles Tamil Manram with its periodical publication of the Tamil Murasu and contributions and advertisements in Tamil in the national daily are factors contributing to keep the language and culture alive in this country.Moreover Following Tamilian dominating  in Seychelles..

 1, Dr. Ramadoss (Head On Defense Forces Medical wing , Seychelles )

2, Mr. Durai Karunakaran ( Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Seychelles )

Government Lawyers..
Mr.Ronny Govinden Attorney General 

Mr Anath SUBRAMANIAN, State Counsel Head.
Mr Somasundaram  Bar Council Head

Seychelles was not in my travel map. Though curious about the country, I thought I would want to visit other countries that are more tempting as Seychelles was like  Mauritius.. 

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