Wednesday, 1 July 2015

7 Common Saudi Arabia Online Marketing Mistakes..

Online marketing in Saudi Arabia can be extremely useful for you. You can engage yourself in a rapidly growing economy. Nowadays countless companies are taking advantage of internet marketing services in Saudi Arabia. However there are still many online marketing mistakes that companies seeking to increase their online presence in the popular area can make. Some mistakes can reduce the productivity of your business in the area while other mistakes can result in ruining your business reputation in the area.
7 Common Saudi Arabia Online Marketing Mistakes
In this post, I will underline “7 common Saudi Arabia online marketing mistakes” that companies new to this famous place often make.
Mistake #1. Neglecting to Optimize Your Website for Smartphones
According to recent reports, above 60% of the Saudi Arabia population has adopted the latest technology gadgets like smart phones, notebooks, Ipods and other gadgets. Therefore first common Saudi Arabia online marketing mistake is that companies often fail to make their websites or portals mobile friendly in both Arabic and English versions.
Mistake #2. Not Properly Translating Your Website into Arabic Language
If you are going to build a responsive website design into Arabic version, then you should translate all the contents of your website from English to Arabic language. Despite this, people often fail to translate their sites into Arabic version. As a result, it will not keep audience attention.
Mistake #3. Not Highlighting the Local Culture and Religion
Saudi Arabia has a unique culture and famous religion of Islam. Therefore if you want to optimize your website, you should focus on the local Saudi culture and religion in your posts, articles, reviews and news. The more you highlight the local Saudi culture and religion in your posts, the more it helps you to improve your website ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.

Mistake  #4. Not Having a Blog into Your Website
We all know that search engine loves blog and that’s what blogging is one of the most excellent ways to increase your website traffic and build strong relationships. Not having blogs is also one of the most common Saudi Arabia internet marketing mistakes that companies often fail to create for their website promotion.
Mistake #5. Not Targeting Long Tail Keywords
When you fail to target long tail keyword phrases in your online marketing campaign, it may result in your lower website rankings. It is therefore advisable to you to use one long tail keyword in your each post.
Mistake #6. Lack of Focusing
Perhaps this is one of the major mistakes that companies often fail to pay attention to their online business promotion. The fact of the matter is that internet marketing is not a part-time business. All you need to do is consistently focus on your website promotion strategy in order to generate long term revenues for your business.
Mistake #7. Not Getting Enough Traffic
The purpose of building a website is to get enough traffic. But when you are failed to get enough traffic for your website, it may result in the failure of your online marketing campaign.

 Prepared by M.Ajmal Khan.

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