Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Haj Ministry has decided that the low-cost Haj this year (2015)!!

The Saudi hajj ministry has decided that the low-cost hajj this year will range between SR3,000 ($800) and SR6,000.The Ministry of Hajj has allowed local Hajj companies to begin registering domestic pilgrims who wish to perform Hajj this year.
The ministry is offering domestic pilgrims three options for the low-cost Haj starting from SR6,000 and going down to SR3,000.
 According to the ministry, those who opt to be accommodated in tower buildings and five-star hotels in Makkah, travel by air and move between the holy sites in buses and the train which can accommodate up to 135,000 pilgrims should pay SR6,000. The second category should pay from SR3,000 to SR5,250 to be accommodated in Mina in tents classified from A to F and will be using buses for transport in addition to the train which can transport up to 50,000 pilgrims.
The third and last category can pay only SR3,000 but pilgrims will be accommodated in various buildings in Makkah and will be transported by buses and the train during the days of Tashriq (the second, third and fourth day after the Eid). The train’s capacity for this category of pilgrims is 5,000.
The ministry said interested pilgrims can apply through its electronic gate on the Internet.
A six-man sub-committee of the National Haj and Umrah Committee is expected to meet soon to decide on charges which are acceptable to both parties.
Osama Filali, committee member and Saad Al-Qurashi, a former member, are optimistic that the meeting will come up with solutions that meet the aspirations of the pilgrims and Haj companies at the same time.
They said the committee will be considering a number of studies and proposals on the subject before recommending concrete suggestions to the ministry. 

The head of domestic pilgrims’ affairs at the ministry, Fayez Al-Barakati, said the ministry has allocated several areas for domestic Hajj operators in Mina according to each company’s quota.
He pointed out that while local Hajj companies are being allowed to register domestic Hajj pilgrims, they cannot enter into contracts yet or collect fees.
The ministry has informed all 72 local companies providing low-cost hajj packages to abide by the new fares.
According to the ministry, the hajj fare in the camps classified at A-1 will be SR5,000 going down to SR4,800 in the A-2 camps; SR4,400 in the B category; SR4,150 in the C class; SR3,900 in the D-1 bracket; SR3,500 in the D-2 class; and SR3,000 in the E camps.

It also said the service-providing companies should serve the pilgrims with dry meals in Muzdalifah, where they stay for a night before proceeding to Mina and Makkah.

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Prepraed by M.Ajmal Khan.

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