Saturday, February 28, 2015

A True Floral Sculpture Blossom in Yanbu Flower & Garden Festival..

The Yanbu Flower Festival is an annual event in Yanbu. It is in its 9th year and runs for a Half month(Feb 9-28). This festival brings people from across the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to Yanbu.  This is one of the most unique parts of the Medina Region.

1362147625579220200.jpgA cloudy weather on a Thursday morning in Yanbu, a perfect weather to roam around the city, because last 3 days cold climate as well as sand storm. So we planned to visit yanbu flower show which is a special floral exhibition organized by  Royal commission.

We left our office to reach the place  around 6.25P.M, due to heavy traffic near the place. We saw a huge crowd in front of the gate.We excited that I am going to attend of this festival, I know it was a great and wonderful experience with my colleague to see the Garden Festival. Rose color beautiful flowers that mold in different style and thyme.  Last year, I know it's a month of celebration. But unfortunately i am busy schedule in Al jubail City. I can't stay for that time in Yanbu.

We entered the gate; the park was filled with greenery and was crowed as expected. In the entrance we saw a green fountain , that made us feel relaxed, We also took a Group Image. We stayed just long enough to see the lights come on.Then we went inside, seeing colorful flowers on the side of the walking path and we saw the crowd capturing pictures of them and their loved ones.

I really loved the huge flower festival sign they had out front this year.  Really cool looking.  We just had fun wandering around looking at all the booths.  We weren't hassled at all this year (though I did have a hat on) had a bite to eat, bought a couple of plants, and well, that was that.  Still I'm always glad when we attend these things.  Its fun to be out and part of the community.

Just we had a walk around the plants. We must say, the bunches of Flowers displays are absolutely STUNNING especially with the show lights on. Beautiful setting and so well organized. I hope it continues to grow in years to come Flowers are the most beautiful and divine creation of Mother Nature. I get very positive energy & joy from the beautiful flowers. All flowers are divine &have unique character.

Lesson Learned.. This will lend an atmosphere of greenery, brightness and charm to the festival, targeted at educating visitors and make them aware of the importance of a healthy environment by introducing them to plants and flowers.“It also contributes to raising environmental awareness by acquainting them with different plants and flowers, their types and benefits,”

So we were mesmerized to watching huge flower carpet made of two million flowers. This is World largest Flower Carpet  and  World Recorded in book. It’s really true floral sculpture Blossom in the flowers. We had a great time with my colleagues in Flower Festival.

Written by M.Ajmal Khan.

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