Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gulf Migrant Workers Lost their Service Amount in Gulf Countries..

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Recently i had seen one of  my friend working in big construction firm as a Technician. He had a Problem with his company and did not get his exit from his company. He lost 300 hours over time pay, One month salary, 2 year gratuity amount his company. He didn't get the total amount of 10,000 SAR  from his company.You know Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest Arab state in Western Asia employing more than one and a half million Indians with 80% of those estimated in the private sector as skilled labours and contract workers. Most of these migrant workers were illiterate and bound to pay large sums of money to recruitment agencies to get employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After getting employment, these migrant workers do not get justice in getting their payment dues and service amounts.

All visitors to Saudi Arabia must have a sponsor, which is usually arranged months in advance and requires foreign workers to have their sponsor’s permission to enter and leave the country. It is proven that the Saudi government has faced lots of criticism from legal bodies and employers over the working conditions and treatment of migrant workers.This is not only in Saudi Arabia. Also all Gulf countries some of the company started the same for the illiterate labours.

Hence these migrant workers lost amount if it is accumulated can bring much-needed capital to our country, sometimes amounting to billions of rupees over these years. So an effective and efficacy Ministry of Labour Affairs department has to setup to solve the grievance and labour disputes of workers filed against the employer.If  you have any problem directly notify your grievance to Indian government.

By M.Ajmal Khan.

For Central Govt..

OR  Raise u r petition to RTI...

For State Govt..

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For Central Govt..

Yesterday i read one article about the same message in rediff news.Please click following link for your reference.

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