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On Arrival Visa offering 56 Countries for Indians...

The most stressful thing for most Indians planning to travel abroad is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. Unlike Americans and Europeans, majority of countries around the world require Indians to obtain visa prior to travelling.
But there are some nations that allow Indians to get the visa after landing.
Let's take a look at 56 countries that allow Indians visa on arrival.

You've got a destination in mind and you're just about ready to book your tickets. Possibly the most stressful part in your dream vacation planning is obtaining a visa. You'll be surprised to know that there are more than 56 countries where you can just land up and get a visa stamped on arrival. 

Visa on Arrival Facility is available for holders of passport of following countries..

Australia, Brazil, Bahrain, Cambodia, Congo,Cameroon,Cook Islands, Djibouti, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Kazakhstan, Laos, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Macau,Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal,New Zealand,
Niue Island, Norway, Oman, Palau, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Srilanka, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Vanuatu, Vietnam. 


For Indians, the easiest and most convenient destinations lie in Asia. From the shopping paradise of Thailand to the little-known-wonder Laos, visa on arrival is also offered in Cambodia, Hong Kong(China), IndonesiaJordanNepalMaldivesMacau, U.A.E, Bahrain,Sri Lanka and Timor Leste.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very well known for its shopping and nightlife. When you are here, you can visit the Peak, Lantau Island, Disneyland, Ocean Park and the Temple Street Market etc. Hong Kong gives you a visa on arrival with very few requirements. These include an air-ticket confirming your return within 14 days, and forex sufficient to fund your stay or an international credit card. Your passport should be valid for at least six months with at least two unused pages.


A 30-day visa on arrival with just US$ 25, all you require is a passport-sized photograph, proof of funds and a confirmed itinerary. It cannot get easier than this. This country with its ancient tribes, thick tropical forests, beautiful islands, cultural beauty and the Gunung Bromo volcano should be on every Indian's itinerary.


Jordan has a deep historical significance. With its lost cities of the Testament, Bedouin culture in Wadi Rum, Petra's stunning architecture, Jordan is a tourists dream come true. You will get a 14-day visa on arrival with just a photograph, proof of funds, a confirmed itinerary and JOD 20 as visa fees. Only requirement is that your passport must be valid for three months


Laos visa for Indians can be obtained on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days provided holding a return or onward ticket, all travel documents required for next destination, a confirmed hotel reservation, one passport size photograph and a fee of $30

Africa's natural history alone would make a dozen visits here worthwhile! Fall asleep to the sounds of birds and be a part of the spectacular scenery that Ethiopia and Madagascar offer. The other African countries that offer visa on arrival are the Kenya, Djibouti, Guinea-BissauMauritiusTanzaniaUganda, Burundi, Cape Verde, Comoros and Togo. ​In Mozambique, Indians can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days at Beira, Nampula, Maputo, Pemba and Tete, provided they are holding a return/onward ticket. Visitors are also required to hold proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay and documents required for their next destination. In Seychelles, visitors can obtain a "Visitor's Permit" on arrival for a maximum period of 3 months, if holding a return ticket (if not, then a return ticket must be purchased on arrival); sufficient funds (minimum of USD 150 or equivalent per day); and proof of accommodation during stay.


A culturally rich destination, Ethiopia boasts of a lot. To begin with, its capital Addis Ababa has The Mercato, one of Africa's largest markets. It also is the resting place of Lucy, mankind's oldest ancestor. Be it the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Simien Mountains, Gondar city with its magnificent castles, oldest city Axum, all make your trip worthwhile. Added to it all, this country has a 30-day visa-on-arrival as an incentive for Indians.


Music, beaches and towering forests are things to look forward to in North America. Visa-on-arrival is offered to Indians in Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Saint Kitts and Nevis and St Lucia.


This island country in West Indies is a great beach and nightlife destination. It also boasts of great music and food. Music scene in Jamaica includes reggae, calypso, African tribal music etc. It is a visa free country for Indians as you get a two week visa with just a photo, proof of funds, and an itinerary.

Head to South America and you'd be greeted with colonial towns and white sandy beaches. Only Bolivia and Guyana offer a visa on arrival for Indians.

Oceania is the region centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Currently four island nations offer Indians a visa on arrival. These are Fiji, Samoa, Nauru and Tuvalu.

Besides the countries mentioned above, Indians can also obtain visa-on arrival in the following countries subject to them being pre-cleared before arrival in the country. Pre-trip formalities vary from country to country: please check the relevant embassy website for details. These countries are Cameroon, Congo  DR, Eritrea, Gabon, Ghana, IranIsrael, Kazakhstan, KyrgyzstanLebanonLiberiaMongoliaMyanmar, Sierra Leone, Suriname,Turkmenistan and Vietnam.


  • International Travellers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation , sight seeing , casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit.
  • Passport should have at least six months validity.
  • International Travellers should have return ticket or onward journey ticket,with sufficient money to spend during his/her stay in India.
  • International Travellers having Pakistani Passport or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.
  • Not available to Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders.

Visa Checklist...
For obtaining a visa on arrival, visitors would typically need to furnish return flight tickets, proof of hotel reservations, evidence of sufficient funds to cover their stay, passport sized photographs, a passport with adequate empty pages and the money for fee if required by the country.

Prepared & Collection by : M.Ajmal Khan.

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