Friday, 7 September 2012

Shipping Company Common Interview questions !!

In this post, you will find the questions that were asked in the interview questions of the shipping company. Question discussed here are mix of questions that were asked from the Deck cadets and engine cadets. Some of the questions discussed here are answered (Technical one). MSC shipping is a container shipping companies

The interview went like this:

1) Interviewer: Hello, How are you doing?
After a little while, looking at the resume of the candidate, he asked….
Interviewer: So tell me about yourself
Candidate: As per our suggestions, you should include these things while answering this question:
Your education like school and college,
Your hobbies (Limit them to two)
What your father do and what your mother do
No siblings should be mentioned, until interviewer asks that. 

2) Interviewer: Ok tell, what is the difference between a cargo ship and container ship? (As MSC mostly have container ships, so interviewer might be trying to confuse the candidate).

3) Interviewer: Do you know about ECDIS Navigation instrument? (A little tough for engine cadet, but for deck cadet, this is quite easy)

4) Interviewer: Name four types of fire extinguisher used on board ship and also tell for which type of fire these are used. (The most important question is this; students were confused in giving answer to this question)

5) Interviewer: When fire breaks out on ship, what type of alarm is sounded? Also tell when someone gets overboard.

6) Interviewer: Do you know about enclosed space on ship? If yes, then what precaution you will take in going inside it?

7) Interviewer: STCW 2010 has come recently; can you tell what extra has come into that?

8) Interviewer: There are some navigational lights on ship, so can your name some of them and what are their colors.

9) Interviewer: In case of scavenge fire, what first step you will do, if you are on watch.

10) Interviewer: During cargo operations on Gas tankers, what precautions you will take when carrying out this process considering the static electricity complication in mind.

11) Interviewer: Tank cleaning is major process on ship, so why we do it and how we do it?

12) Interviewer: My last question, why you have joined the merchant navy not Indian navy when you said you want to become a sailor?

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Collection by : M.Ajmal Khan.

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