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Expatriate Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector...

Many companies are now successfully hitting targets on graduate and trainee recruitment, the real problem facing the industry is the recruitment of those with five years or more relevant experience – personnel able to ‘hit the ground running’ and drive forward major projects quickly and competently.

The UK oil & gas industry’s training body, recently reported that 44% of companies are expecting significant growth this year – so where will the staff come from to fill these gaps in engineering expertise and management of project development and delivery? Skills shortages were the biggest challenge to the sector’s growth, the report found, and with around 15,000 more jobs potentially being filled in the next five years, the demand for engineers with the necessary skill set was greater than ever. Without it, wage inflation could run out of control.

Jobs: Advantages and Disadvantages...
Good salary is certainly the greatest advantage. Another great thing is that you can build a great career in this filed, if you work hard. There are all kinds of training courses, and you will be able to improve your skills.
There are certain disadvantages, too. For example, workers share living spaces (in fact, they share almost everything). This also means that you won’t have much privacy.Oil rigs are located far away from urban areas. This means you will be surrounded by the same people every day.

How to Find an Overseas Oil Job....
The best way to do this is to visit some of the websites specialized in jobs and careers in oil industry. You need to have a good CV! Remember, your CV is your first step towards getting a job.If you have any relatives of friends living abroad, you can talk to them and learn as much as you can about that particular country. In case your skills are not needed there, you can find skill lists of other countries and see if they need workers in this field.

Contacting U.S. companies that have branches in other countries may be helpful. They may hire you and give you the opportunity to live abroad. If you get a job in one of such companies, you will get considerable help with your documentation. You can ask your employer if there is any relocation assistance. In most cases, there is. Many companies will provide free housing or camps.
If you are looking for a job in Europe, you can visit some of the numerous forums about oil and gas industry of the European countries. Before you start looking for an overseas job, you need to learn more about the current trends in oil industry in this part of the world.

If you have always wanted to work in a leading multinational oil and gas organization, now may be the time to look into it. Expatriate life can be challenging and exciting especially when working within a global leader in this industry. It is also very rewarding, the pay is excellent, the benefits very generous and they really look after your welfare.
There are always opportunities available in the Oil industry, even in times of economic challenge. Companies are expanding their scope, both on-shore and off-shore, as well as developing further in their traditional exploration areas. Top Oil and Gas jobs are available in Central Asia, particularly in Kazakhstan, throughout Central and West Africa and in other developing regions in Asia. 

In the upstream sector, the exploration and production companies and their sub-contractors are always looking for both specialists in engineering and technical disciplines as well as support staff. Technical specialist roles include drilling, process flow, seismic testing at all levels of experience. Petroleum engineering professionals and those in Geo sciences are in short supply and may attract a premium salary or additional bonuses. There are also openings for people in the conventional business functions of finance, marketing, logistics and telecommunications.

The downstream sector, the refining and marketing petroleum companies and their associates, have opportunities across a wide range of business skills. They need chemical engineers, construction and pipeline specialists, supply chain managers and traders.  Language skills in either French or Portuguese are additional recommendations when applying for Oil jobs in Africa, both in upstream and downstream.

There are many recruiting companies offering oil and gas jobs on behalf of clients but you need to select an established and experienced service provider. There are some pitfalls that can be avoided. Choose a company that understands the global expatriate business environment and one that and can respond to your personal needs when you are looking for jobs in the oil and gas sector. 

Are you want to switch over to oil & Gas plat form? Are you working in Design engineering, construction, EPC, Petroleum,  Automotive and Aerospace Industry?
If yes, There are more offer short term training courses around the globe  to enhance your skills. please choose one of the following domains.

PDMS – piping
Basic Piping Design
Smart Plant Instrumentation – Corporate Training Only
Basic process design for Chemical engineers
Structural design
PMP Certification
Caesar – II – Stress Analysys course for mechanical engineers
CAD/CAM/CAE – Hypermesh/LS Dyna/Abaques –  Automotive and Aerospace domain
SAP – IS – Oil and Gas
Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices
ASNT  NDT – Training, Level II, Level III
NACE Level  I, II,- Painting certification  Course
AWS/CSWIP Level 3/ 3.1/3.2 -  Welding Inspector certification  Course 

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According to recent findings from the international job board for the oil and gas industry, Oil, recruitment activity in the sector is the most active since as far back as early 2009, for both recruiters and candidates.Do you need or looking for a job? This site is FREE for all job seekers to apply for as many jobs as they want, add their CV to our resume database so you can be head-hunted and includes FREE advice, interview and application tips. 
 International job site specifically focussed on the oil and gas industry, was on hand at Monday's event to provide advice for candidates as well as employers.
The Oil and Gas Industry Salary Checker works by searching through our database for salary information that matches your query. This should give you good idea of what people in specific situations are being paid and will allow a direct comparison with your own position. The salary information is entered directly by people when they enter their CV/resume. The results show how many people match your query, the average salary for all those matching and detailed salary data for 20 people around the median result. The detailed information displayed includes salary, job title, age, experience, qualification and country of residence.

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